My Best Muse Yet

Uncle Jeremy had the fantastic idea to give Holly a fingerpainting set for Easter. She’s still too young to thoroughly indulge in these messy activities, but we helped her have a good time. As she painted I grabbed Jeremy’s camera to capture my favorite muse of all time.

She seemed more interested in the containers than the paint inside them.

When she was younger she made cooing noises and her mommy and daddy (Kasey & Chris) would pat their fingertips over her mouth to help her make funny sounds. I guess she loved it so much that now she does it herself.

She was pretty worn out after an hour or so of painting (and tasting).

Grandma decided it was time for a bath to wash off all the evidence of Holly’s big day with Uncle Jeremy and her fingerpaints. She has loved the outdoors from the very beginning, and even during her bath in the kitchen sink she just wanted to see outside.

Grandma came up with a great idea to frame Holly’s artwork for Kasey for her first Mother’s Day gift. She also made Kasey a really nice picture book of all the photos we took of Holly throughout her painting extravanganza.

This was one of my favorite days in a very long time…


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3 Responses to My Best Muse Yet

  1. Therese Jordan says:

    She’s lots of fun. She visited us for the first time here yesterday. Chris & Kasey took her to Lowry Park to see the animals. She is very fast & kept us busy since Great Grandma’s house has not been baby proof for a very long time. She quickly learned how to get up & down the one step in the living area.
    Thanks for the pics & posts.

  2. Kasey says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love the picture and the book!!! That was the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Thank you to you & Jeremy for all of your work with it. It really looked like Holly had lots of fun.

  3. She is so cute! How did I not know about this blog?! Super super congrats on your house!!!

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