The April Fool’s Day prank that keeps pranking

On April Fool’s Day I was sitting at my desk wishing I was good at pranks. I never do anything good! I decided to play with Jeremy by changing my Facebook status to “engaged.” Within five seconds my phone rang because ‘the book’ sent him an email basically saying, “hey, don’t ya need to update your status too?!”  Then one of us (pointing at Jeremy) decided we should leave it up to see who would believe us. Little did we know, getting engaged is apparently way bigger of a deal than having a birthday because our Facebook walls were blowing UP.

When I tell you I was completely nauseus, believe me. My stomach was turning and I was going to up-chuck my Fruit Loops.  I couldn’t believe the number of responses we were getting. And I felt terrible for this fake engagement! My mom helped calm my nerves by getting in on our prank. She said, “Okay, here’s what you gotta do next.” My dear, sweet mom was conspiring! She sent me this photo she found online. Believable, eh?

By noon we had close to 100 responses: friends so happy for us, people asking for the date, what a beautiful bride I will make, etc. I told Jeremy he should just go ahead and propose so we wouldn’t have to let down our friends and family, but later that afternoon I finally caved. I posted a new status apologizing for our prank and wishing everyone a happy April Fool’s Day. No one noticed. The congratulations kept rolling in by the dozens. So I reposted a few hours later “It was a joke! Stop the congratulations! We’re not engaged!” Apparently, even Sister Marion received a phone call about “little Jeremy” halfway around the world. The damage was gaining land mass.

I am still receiving Facebook congratulations messages and texts from friends. It’s been two weeks and they just keep coming. I figure that whenever we actually do end up getting engaged no one will even care. We cried wolf!

But for everyone who did send congratulations and showed their support, we couldn’t be more appreciative. It was great to see how many people love “us.” Next time our Facebook status changes (either to “single” or “engaged”) it won’t be a prank! Just kidding, babe!


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2 Responses to The April Fool’s Day prank that keeps pranking

  1. Jennifer says:

    hahaha, first.. people crawl out of wood work to congrats you on engagements.. if a life long change not just a once a year bday gig .. oh mama. lol, 2nd.. FRUIT LOOPS!!! what are you doin eating fruit loops 😉 shouldn’t that read more like…. cardboard and cottage cheese??? lol. at least organic fruit loops over yogurt sounds better.. and more hip loving 🙂 You still look fantastic.. i guess you can keep your sugar filled non nutrient dense dimple creating breakfast.. sigggggh while i concoct my gas inspiring muscle filling fat incinerating bowl of … well all of the previous! hahahahaha.. 3rd… I LAUGHED because I can hear you talking when I read what you write, and when you said- “We cried wolf” I pictured your every detailed expression! I miss you.

  2. kaity says:

    I saw that post and went like this…

    OMG! YAY!!
    *checks calendar*
    CAN’T BE!
    …ring picture…seems legit…
    BUT NO!
    …refuse to comment until tomorrow…

    Good one 😉

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