My New Travel Blog

I just can’t wait any longer!

For the past month, Jeremy and I have been working nearly every day building a travel blog to document our adventures. I still love my crisis, but I really wanted another blog I could pour my writing into that has more of a niche. My crisis will still be updated often, since I have a feeling baseboards will continue to snap and prayers will continue to be answered.

Okay, so about the travel blog. When I was still contemplating what direction to go, I thought about the things I love doing most: traveling & being with Jeremy. One morning I woke up and Traveling Kisses flew off my tongue. So that’s it!

It will basically be a collection of trips Jeremy and I have taken and plan to take in the near future. We sneak away on the weekends and we take several big trips a year too, so there is plenty to write about and pictures to share. I should let you know that Jeremy designed the whole site, top to bottom. Isn’t he awesome!? And be sure to play with the Tag Cloud! Right now I only have a few posts on the site, but I encourage you to subscribe and/or get the RSS feed so you can read the newest posts as soon as they’re up.

I hope you love it as much as I do!


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3 Responses to My New Travel Blog

  1. Therese Jordan says:

    I think you are both awesome!! I never cease to be amazed at new things, ideas & technologies. We also loved Italy but never got as south as we would have liked. Keep up the good work & your talent for sharing.

  2. Rizalenio says:

    I like reading travel blogs especially those with heavy-visuals. I’ll be your regular. All the best for you and Jeremy’s new site. I love the words – traveling kisses.

  3. gramma says:

    sign me up

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