My First Photo Shoot

I am usually the person behind the camera, so I was really excited when Jeremy offered to take some pictures of yours truly this past weekend. I did my hair, slapped on a little extra makeup and was feelin’ pretty confident about myself. That is, until I got “on location.”

It’s nerve wracking because you don’t really know which facial expressions are “translating” well on camera (as Jeremy delicately puts it) and which ones aren’t. I was actually surprised by the outcome… and I really like my hair! Ps, they’re all raw photos.

All of the pictures were taken at the university campus where I work. What a beautiful backdrop!

If you know me at all, you know how uncomfortable I am in 99 percent of these pictures. It’s just not me to be very… posed. I often wish I took more time to do my nails and actually use hairspray, so my afternoon in front of the camera did a lot for my self-esteem.

So, if you’re feeling in a bit of a rut, struggling with winter weight (ahem) or if everything at work seems monotonous and soul-less (ahem), change things up. Hand the camera to your boyfriend, best friend or kid and have them take some photos of you outside. It was a little bit stressful at the time, but the untouched-up, un-photoshopped outcome really gave me a boost.

Nobody else looks like me (except for the Katherine Heigl comparisons that I graciously accept), so I might as well live it up. Plus, now I get to show off my pretty pictures and Jeremy’s great photography skills. He rocks!


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6 Responses to My First Photo Shoot

  1. sherriecola says:

    Have I told you lately that you’re gorgeous! And, where did you get your looks from anyway? 😉

  2. gina says:

    these are great! i like the one where you are standing in front of a door and your hair is blowing in the wind. i hate posing for pictures too. : )

  3. Noelle Langdon says:

    Jenny, you are gorgeous, inside and out! It’s fun to see your personality shine through these pics (which you should let yourself do more often). Hope you’re doing well girl!

  4. Brandy says:

    Hey, pretty girl! These are beautiful! 🙂 You know my two faves – the “Oh, I’m sorry – you caught me looking away from the camera at that entrancing bush while holding this wooden door open!” and the “I’m just too sassy to be blown away by this sudden gust of wind” looks… 🙂 Nice job, J!

  5. Therese Jordan says:

    Nice work photog but he had an advantage with beauty to work with!

  6. Rizalenio says:

    Aside from Katherine Heigl, you also have similarity with Jessica Simpson (your 4th image proves that).

    I’m self studying portraiture now, and it’s a joy seeing inspiring photographs like yours. Great capture by your bf. Indeed, your backdrop is beautiful.

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