Picture Perfect Sunday!

I woke up to a beautiful day Sunday! It was absolutely gorgeous – finally weather above 30 degrees! After I picked up my room and did some laundry, I grabbed Jeremy’s camera and made my way into the sunshine in search of a muse. Luckily, my neighbor Jason and his adorable dog Cash were hanging in the field out back. Cash is just four months old.

And here are the animals in my house…

And just so you can see the color I painted the accent wall in the living room:

The wall is a tad more ‘mint’ in person than this picture leads on.

I’d like to believe that my photos get prettier every time I pick up Jeremy’s camera. And there seems to be a never-ending supply of cute and photogenic animals nearby!


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4 Responses to Picture Perfect Sunday!

  1. Jen L says:

    Cuuute! Canaan needs to come over and play! 🙂

  2. gina says:

    Cash on the skateboard – love it. : )

  3. Therese Jordan says:

    Wish you were here to take pictures of ‘Annie’ . We’re prejudiced but we think she’s very cute too.
    P.S. Since your last blog I got hungry for French toast & made some. They’re not as crispy as yours looked but I’m pretty sure Jeremy would have liked them.

  4. Rizalenio says:

    You photographed these cute animals beautifully. When I joined our photo club, we had lectures in animal photography and I was finding a hard time getting a good shot from animals in our house.

    Cash in skateboard – that’s a winner for me.

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