What to buy a 9-year-old girl for Christmas

Follow-up: I discovered that my 9-year-old would be happy with anything from Justice (which was just like Limited Too back in the day). Justice clothing is also available at TJMaxx & Marshalls if you’re on a tight budget. In addition, I bought her those fun-shaped rubbery bracelets of Disney princesses and a necklace & bracelet making kit with over 1,000 beads. The kit was only $8.99 at Target. Although I didn’t get to see her face when she opened her gifts, I think any young girl would be thrilled with the surprises she unwrapped.

This year for Christmas, Jeremy’s family decided to opt out of piling presents under the tree and instead bless some families in need. His mom Joanne went through a list of children provided by their church and let us each choose a kid to shop for.  My girl is 9 years old and I assume lives in the Tampa area.

Initially, I was very excited about the opportunity to shop for a girl! Then it hit me, what do nine-year-old girls want these days? What do they wear? I mean, they’re probably past the whole Disney Princess phase. What about Hello Kitty? What if she’s a tom-boy and despises anything with pink and flowers? Oh, the pressure! If you think I’m over-thinking this, imagine how I well handle Christmas shopping for people I actually know!

As luck would have it, many of my friends from elementary school recently reunited through a Facebook group dedicated to our class. Most of us started in kindergarten together, and since it was such a small private school we got to know each other very well through those early years. Recently, pictures have started surfacing to prove it.

Not sure why I look like such a depressed Laura Ingalls here.

Did I really wear dress suits in fifth grade? I would like to believe I had a presentation that day or something. (Btw, I think that was my first outfit from 5-7-9, if I remember correctly.) Let’s be honest, my fifth grade pictures aren’t exactly a model I should go by when picking things out for this nine-year old.  I swear I was cool back then – even if the pictures aren’t screaming it.

In order to get the most for the amount we’re allowed to spend, I took a trip to Marshalls & TJMaxx after work. Um, unless this chick wants Baby Phatt, Ed Hardy or Polo, the selection was extremely limited. I managed to find a cute zip-up sweater with a hood that had a heart and some rhinestones on the front. I also picked out a comfy bright pink and purple robe (Mom’s idea. She thinks little girls want to be like their moms – at least I did).

I still need to get her some toy-thing. Perhaps something with beads or a jewelry making kit – I was totally into that!

My parents used to let us pick a kid off the Christmas tree at McDonalds, and it was fun shopping back then because I was the same age as the girl I picked! I knew what I wanted! (And hopefully Mom and Dad would take a hint when I picked it out for my girl!) Times have changed and I really want to make this Christmas special for her just like my parents did (and still do) for us kids. Please leave suggestions below! With what I already bought, I need to stay under $20 for the rest. I only wish I could be there to see her face when she opens her gifts!


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One Response to What to buy a 9-year-old girl for Christmas

  1. gina says:

    wow – 9 year old girl? i have no helpful suggestions! it’s tough if you don’t know what they’re interested in. hmmm maybe a purse or some awesome sunglasses? good luck!

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