John does all his own stunts

Tonight I was in my room cleaning, contemplating what today’s blog post would be about. I love when I’m mulling over different ideas and then suddenly it’s as if the answer falls from the sky.

Apparently Roommate John went into the attic to get the Beer-Can Chicken stand to use for dinner. I never heard him go into the attic, but as I continued to clean my bedroom the silence was interrupted with a loud BAM! CRACK! BOOM! I yelled to John (who I thought was in his bedroom, little did I know only half of his body was in his room) “Should I be worried!?” John replied, “YES.”

Roommate John fell through the ceiling. I thought he was kidding when he said I should worry, so I didn’t exactly rush into his room. (In my defense, I come from a household of clumsy people so I’m used to random loud noises and screeching gasps.)

As John was reaching for the box, he stepped onto what should have been a support beam. It was actually just a random plank placed where part of the beam was missing. (Side note: that plank was there long before I moved in.)

Needless to say John is going to live. And I had another awesome opportunity to use my Rigid Wet/Dry Vac to suck up all the small insulation pieces after I picked up the sheet rock and random strips of wood. All in all, this is the current state of the hallway.

In honor of adding, yet another, renovation to the never-ending list, I would like to take this opportunity to update everyone on the progress of the master bathroom. Jeremy’s parents visited last month to help move things along. They (I helped!) re-routed plumbing, installed the toilet and tiled the bathroom floor and shower. Only cosmetic stuff remains – grouting the tile, painting the walls, etc.

It’s a work in progress, but it will be perfect soon enough!

John and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying our dinner…

…watching a movie and dining on my new favorite dessert of the season:

I can only remember being this obsessed over one other food – Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Back to the ice cream – it is truly insane how good this stuff is. If you love coffee (I only like flavored coffee) and chocolate, this is your two worlds colliding in one tub of ice cream.

Jeremy comes back on Wednesday from traveling with the basketball team. I can’t wait to show him everything he’s missed!



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4 Responses to John does all his own stunts

  1. Sherrie says:

    Was that not the best, (most juiciest, is that a word?) chicken you’ve ever had? I love to do the beer can recipe on the grill, best chicken ever! Glad to know… John will be ok, the dinner was ready before 7:30, the hole in your ceiling will soon be patched (or it will ruin your newfound electric bill ), I now have a new flavor of ice cream to try TODAY, your tile is gorgeous, your shower is nearly ready for use, even though that candle vase looks as it may fall off your new sink, and Jeremy will be home soon (to the rescue!) Thank you for the great laugh we shared last night over dinner, at your expense, of course. Never a dull moment, ever. I love you Jenni!

  2. gina says:

    I thought falling through the ceiling only happens in the movies. That is hilarious. Your bathroom is looking great! wow. I like the little tiles in between the big tiles near the top of the shower…what would you call that? a border? it’s nice. 🙂

    • jennib85 says:

      I guess falling through ceilings happen in real life too. The border near the top of the shower is actually the same tiles I’m using on the shower floor… eventually 😉 Slowly but surely…

  3. Kasey says:

    I am now craving hummus. I love the Sabra roasted garlic. Yumm!!!

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