How to be a successful chiropractor

Tomorrow my dad celebrates 25 years in the chiropractic profession. I wrote a press release to pitch to the local newspaper back home in hopes of gaining some attention for his success. He is as modest as they come, but as his only daughter, I have bragging rights and people need to know how much he does for his patients and for the community.

I can’t count the number of times he came to my middle and high school classes to speak about his profession and how to experience success at work. He always closed with a poem… something about a fire engine and a hill… maybe? Anyway, I would act embarrassed in front of my friends that MY dad was at MY school talking about things none of us understood yet. But deep down I was really proud. My dad was a doctor and my friends had to go see him for their asthma and back problems and for physicals to play sports.

Instead of pursuing a lifelong career at Publix, he took a leap at age 21 and moved to Atlanta to become a chiropractor, which everyone said he couldn’t do. Even though his grades weren’t at the top of his class, my dad always laughingly says that the worst chiropractic students make the best chiropractors. The best in every profession are the ones who can relate to their customers and genuinely care about enhancing the lives of the people seeking their help.

He met and married my mom, graduated with his doctorate from Life and then had me. They could have stopped there (and I’m sure sometimes they wish he would have… ha) but they soon had my brothers Jaron and Josh.

My dad has done a lot for the community back home. He takes time out of his weekends and after hours to provide physicals for public school athletes, then he often donates proceeds back to the athletic programs. He has also been gracious to so many people who cannot afford the care he provides. He is the kind of guy who remembers the names of random cashiers and salespeople and never forgets anyone during the Holidays. He always showed us kids how to be generous and to think of other people first.

People who know him love him. He gets pleasure from the little things like fishing in the creek with my brothers and listening to a good bluegrass band. He enjoys writing, singing and playing his guitar along to John Denver music (he sounds EXACTLY like him).

He has continuously been straightforward with us kids, sometimes brutally honest. Our best interests and the happiness of his family are his first priorities, and they always have been. Now when I go home I can always expect a heart-to-heart with dad, whether I want it or not. Even though I’m sure there have been many times where he’s wanted to quit, he never did. People are better off having known him, but only I get to be his daughter.

So I dedicate this post to my dad and everything he has done – for our family and our community. A little press release to a small-town newspaper just didn’t feel like it was enough.

In honor of his 25th anniversary, my dad is hosting a patient appreciation day Thursday, September 30 from 9am-12pm. He is providing free care all day (appointments only 386-767-1100) to new and current patients.


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3 Responses to How to be a successful chiropractor

  1. Ann C. Foley says:

    Jenni, that was a very lovely tribute to your Dad. He is indeed quite special (and unique 😉 ) and that’s why we love him (and put up with him). As an only daughter, I can relate to the Daddy’s girl thing. You’re right, only you have that claim on him…and I know he’s proud of you, too.

    Hope all is well with you, hon. Take good care and be the very best you you can be.


  2. Andi says:

    Awww, what a beautiful post! Super congrats to your Dad for following his dreams and helping countless people!!!

  3. Lito says:

    Congratulations to your Dad and your family. A good dad is always the key to a happy family. You have the best dad in the world…and also the best chiropractor for the people around you. Great blessing.

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