Back in Daytona for the weekend

I managed to escape from work early Thursday afternoon and I took off to Florida for a long weekend. Jeremy has basketball practice all weekend, so the 6.5 hour trek was just me, my new tires and a lot of Sara Bareilles. Now, if you’ve never driven in Atlanta traffic count your lucky stars because it. is. brutal. Thankfully, south on I-75 wasn’t too horrendous, but north? Forget it!

My side of I-75.

Their side of I-75, which was stopped for miles.

I never get tired of driving through Downtown Atlanta. I truly love the skyscrapers and seeing the rich history of the big city. Growing up in Daytona Beach is nothing like life in Atlanta. It’s slow, much slower, and it seems like no one is in a hurry to do… anything. It makes me crazy when people put on their turning signals and start slowing down about a half mile before their actual turn! AAGGGHHH!!!!

One thing I saw that really caught me off guard was this old (VERY old) man and woman in the car next to me. The man was driving, and since the light was red he took this opportunity to use his portable ventilator, which looked like this:

As he was using his ventilator, the woman in the passenger seat continued to enjoy her cigarette. I just couldn’t look away from this scene, and if my camera was within arm’s reach you know I would’ve taken a picture! First of all, who wants to be on the road next to someone who has to use a ventilator at every stop light? Second, who would smoke in the same car as someone using a ventilator? It was wrong on so many levels.

Mom and I had a fun lunch Friday at Avocado Kitchen on Beach Street.

It’s a very eclectic place where carnivores and herbivores can dine in harmony.

They even had my favorite honey sticks!

This morning I woke up early to get my hairs cut (ha) at Salon 31 on Beville Rd. Karla is the best! I splurged and added bangs. My hair will never not be pin-straight, but I like the final outcome.

I drive back to Atlanta on Sunday. At some point I hope to move back to Florida – maybe the Tampa or Sarasota area. I miss the water and seeing my family more often. I’m fine right where I am for now, though. Atlanta is a perfect start.


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One Response to Back in Daytona for the weekend

  1. Andi says:

    Great pics of you! 🙂

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