Nothing like I had in mind… so much more!

I was really looking forward to a long weekend further renovating the house. Luckily for me, my friends had better plans in mind 🙂

After a late night on Friday, I hopped out of bed Saturday morning excited for the first Gator Game of the season! I graduated from the University of Florida in 2007, experienced three national titles my junior-senior years (2 basketball, 1 football), and made some of the best friends any girl could ask for. My friend Kristen (UF grad) and her boyfriend Josh came by the house to pick me up for the game. We went to East Andrews, which is where one of the UF Alumni groups watches games.

Jeremy isn’t exactly… a Gator fan. In fact, I can’t remember a single day in our relationship that he hasn’t made a Tim Tebow-bashing remark. (How can anyone not like Timmy T?!) This is Jeremy dressed as a “Gator Fan” on Halloween, fu manchu, jorts and all:

Hard to look at, right?

Jeremy said he was going to Home Depot to get things done around the house while I watched the game. Who am I to argue with that?! Well, just minutes into the first quarter I received a little tickle on my ribcage and startled, I turned to see my very best friend Jen standing there with Jeremy. Surprise! Jen flew in from Orlando for the weekend and Jeremy had just picked her up from the airport. Best surprise ever!

We stayed at East Andrews until halftime, then the three of us set out to Decatur for the annual Book Festival. There were tents after tents of books, publishers, “book coaches” and a bunch of colleges with specialty writing programs all with their own booths. We even checked into a few boutiques on the main strip, which is what I love most about Decatur. The city offers a charming and eclectic shopping scene, great for original, handmade stuff. In one of jewelry the stores we discovered these incredible cuff-links:

They are authentic pieces of MLB baseballs, NBA basketballs, arena floors and stadium seats from Fenway Stadium and Wrigley Field that all come with certification. I have never seen anything like these! Click here and here to check out more.

We closed the day out with a trip to Best Buy for Jeremy’s new camera and dinner at Mellow Mushroom. On Sunday morning John made breakfast burritos then we drove downtown for our friend Greg’s 30th birthday party. His wife Whitney rented out a rooftop pool with cabanas and an awesome clubhouse. This was the view at night:

I took Jen to the airport that night. I was sad to see my bff leave again – she’s one of a kind.

On Monday, Jeremy wanted to take his camera for a test-run, so we drove to Midtown and walked all over the city for scenic photo-ops. As I’ve said before, I only want decor around the house made by friends & family. Jeremy is an incredible photographer so his stuff will be in every room. We ended up walking from Peachtree & 10th all the way to the Virginia Highlands shops, approximately 10 miles round-trip. I wore a black shirt, wedges and jean capris – not exactly a 10-mile-walk attire, but we had a blast.

The photos that Jeremy took and one last stop before we left made the whole trip worth it:

For those of you who keep waiting for progress updates on my house, trust me, I’m waiting too! Hopefully I can make some progress this week. It was an awesome weekend though, nothing like I had in mind… so much more!


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One Response to Nothing like I had in mind… so much more!

  1. Amanda :) says:

    Those cufflinks are seriously too cool! What a great gift for a baseball fan! 🙂

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