Down in Mississippi, Part Deux

Jeremy surprised me with a full 8-hour spa day at the Beau Rivage while he played poker all day Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I got a real massage! I’ve never had a facial or a body scrub, and I even got a mani-pedi. What a spoiled brat I’ve become!

My masseuse’s name was Jason. Before the massage got started he told me about the body scrub made of mango, pineapple and papaya he would use afterward. He even let me smell it before he set it on the warmer – I could’ve eaten it with a spoon! Once the massage was finished, he took the scrub mixture from the warmer on the counter and walked back toward me. With my eyes closed I stretched out my arm to move my hair from behind my neck and WHAM! The scrub went flying… all over the cabinets behind me… all over the floor. I completely whacked it out of his hand and all he could do was stand there, jaw open. I sat up just in time to see the perfect scrub slowly sliding down the front of the cabinet.

He told me that in the 10 years he’s been doing massages and body scrubs, he’s never had that happen before. All I could do was apologize. What a classic “Jenni” moment, I thought. Jason came back a few minutes later with another bowl of the scrub, but it was hardly room-temperature. There was no time to even let it heat up a little. The full-body scrub was good, but I have a feeling I missed out on something without it being warm.

Next I had my facial, then they fed me lunch out on the veranda overlooking the pool. Cobb salad with blue cheese crumbles, hard-boiled egg, avocado, grilled chicken and ranch dressing.

The flip flops they gave me to wear around had all the little massage bump-things on the bottom… heavenly!

After lunch I met a woman named Carol in the jacuzzi inside the spa. I will never forget this lady – 72 years old, didn’t look a day over 55 – and feisty as they come! She was one of the prettiest senior citizens I’ve ever seen, she glowed. We immediately struck up a conversation. She told me how she lost her oldest daughter in a car accident, then her son was “damaged” in another accident. It’s been 10 years and he is still incapable of taking care of himself. She has two younger daughters, and she and her husband raised their three grandchildren after her son’s accident. I asked her how she could be so… happy… after all the loss she’s experienced. I haven’t been through anything like that and yet the littlest things can set me back sometimes. She said she’s never been one to sit in the corner or hang her head. I have a feeling I’m going to think of her now when I’m having a tough time. I’ll channel my “inner Carol” and push through.

The final task of the day was my manicure/pedicure. I quickly made friends with Myle (pronounced “Mylie”). She moved to Biloxi years ago from Vietnam, and we talked about everything! I never get my hair or nails done, but I can completely understand the benefit of having a confidant like Myle to hang out with for an hour every 6-8 weeks. She offers good insight and lots of secrets!

Before Jeremy and I left the hotel, I put $10 down on the roulette table for all of my family’s birthdays – 5, 7, 16, 18, 25. $2 on each. Way to go, Mom! Her birthday (December 25) won me $75! I quickly cashed in my chips and scurried out before any more bright lights lured me in.

We left the hotel at 6 on Sunday and got home at 1:30 a.m. Spending two days in Biloxi was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I definitely plan to go back soon!


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2 Responses to Down in Mississippi, Part Deux

  1. Therese Jordan says:

    Sounds & looks like an absolutely wonderful day that I’ve never had except for a few massages after an accident. Jeremy needs to fill Grandpa in. He must have done well at tables. Happy for u both.

  2. That looks like a nice weekend! As a Southern, I have embarrassingly spent far too little time in Mississippi. Scott and I are big fans of True Blood and during every episode (even though it’s filmed in Louisiana), he always says dreamily, “we should move to the sticks in Mississippi and have a big house with a wraparound porch.” It DOES sound tempting when you put it that way =)

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