Soak it Up

Today I started planning for my 25th birthday. The actual date is September 16. I always try to drag out my birthday celebrations for as long as possible. One weekend with friends, one weekend with family, one weekend on a trip with Jeremy. My “birthday” typically lasts 3 weeks… if I push it.

First of all, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I turned 24. I know this may sound irrational (Hi. Have we met?) to many of you, but turning 24 was extremely stressful for me. I can’t explain why, but I had serious anxiety over it. Whereas this year has been completely the opposite. Well, maybe not the opposite, but I haven’t been dreading and dragging my heels over the upcoming inevitable. In fact I hadn’t even thought about it until my best friend Jen asked about my plans.

I feel like 24 is the last year people will say, “Oh what I’d give to be that age again!” Turning 25 means halfway to 50. ME? Halfway to 50?! Why does it feel like it took so long to get to 25 when something tells me the next 25 are going to fly by?

A lot has happened during my 24th year. I bought a house. I started up a side marketing business. I gained a new outlook on life – a “can do” mentality. And I still have my full-time job.

Think about how fast 20 to 25 went. The next major mile marker will be 30. This is my bucket list of things I will do before turning 30:

1. Fluency in French and/or Spanish
2. Finish/Officially start Toastmasters
3. Become self-employed
4. Channel my creativity (drawing, painting)
5. Finish writing a book
6. Have a garden, even if it’s just flowers
7. Travel as often as possible
8. Marriage & a first kid and all that jazz

If I told you all the places I hope to go before I turn 30, you would tell me to get real. So I’ll spare your eyes from rolling and just tell you that I really hope to go to the Olympics in London in 2012.

I will continue to soak up the next 19 days before the big 2-5, work on my bucket list, enjoy my house and get ready to celebrate! This is my theme song for the time being, Soak it Up. If you can’t get past the cheesy video, here are the lyrics.

Jeremy and I are off to Biloxi this weekend. I hope to see a lively & thriving city exactly 5 years after Katrina. Get the BlackJack tables ready!


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2 Responses to Soak it Up

  1. Gramma says:

    That is quite a list, Jenni. Glad to see your drawing creativity come back to the top:) How’s #8 coming along????????????????

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