Is there a Schoolhouse Rock song for getting organized?

The longer I live in this house the more I realize that the truly difficult work isn’t sanding down the ceiling, grouting tile or painting a huge room. The impossible task at hand: getting organized.

The perimeter of every room is still lined with boxes or tools or just piles of stuff I just don’t know where to put yet. I think it’s time for me to reveal my big, dark secret: I am unorganized. I have never been an overly organized person, and by “overly” I mean “at all.” I don’t remember birthdays (thanks be to Facebook), I have NO idea what I’m making for dinner tonight, I can’t tell you where my hairdryer is right now and I still have a jewelry drawer organizer in its original package from 3 years ago (sorry, Mom). “A place for everything and everything in its place” has never been my motto, but I wish it was.

Normally when I come across a list of helpful organizing tips I tend to flip the page. Today I found one by blogger Miss Minimalist. She created a list of 100 ways to simplify your life. A few of the ones I like are (#20) Get rid of one item every day, so “at the end of the year, you’ll have 365 less things to worry about!” (#24) Choose versatile clothing, (#44) Keep your counter tops clutter free, (#6) Get rid of excessive decor.

Doesn’t a simple life sound like the way to go? I couldn’t be more jealous of these people with their uncluttered, magazine-ready houses. Aside from the kitchen, I haven’t really chosen “a look” for any room in my house yet. Check out these pictures of some of my favorite rooms I’ve come across in the blog world. They are good inspiration for me:

Everyone needs an cute & efficient mud room, right?

I love the clean white look with hints of color and dark cabinets.

Such a cute bathroom.

Sometimes you can decorate an entire room based on one piece of decor. I saw this months ago and still haven’t stopped thinking about it.

I heard Clark Howard say recently that after you change your environment, you have six months to change yourself. He was referring to breaking old bad habits when you get a new job or purchase a new car. So, 5 months from now if I haven’t learned how to get organized, hang up my clothes straight out of the dryer, clean out the fridge weekly and dust my nice wood furniture, then there’s no hope for me at all… that is, until I buy another house. Ha.

(Side note: Things might be in disarray sometimes at the house, but I’m extremely organized with my money and not a lot of people can say that. K, just felt the need to point out something I’m good at 😉 )


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2 Responses to Is there a Schoolhouse Rock song for getting organized?

  1. Gramma says:

    just remember, those rooms were “staged” and most rooms don’t look “just so” I honestly don’t think I’d want to come home to a place so unlived in. Not that picked up is unlived in, just…………….. After all, isn’t a mud room, for MUD???

  2. Gramma says:


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