My boyfriend and my roommate are pyromaniacs

As I write this tonight I am sitting on a patio furniture-style ottoman in front of a roaring fire pit. Why is there a fire going in the middle of August in 95+ degree weather, you ask? Because apparently, news to me, my boyfriend and my roommate are pyromaniacs. They like-a the fiya.

The fire is pretty cool actually. And you know what’s even cooler? Look what my mom made me! Jeremy and I hung it in the patio tonight.

I’ve got one in every color you can imagine. My mom picked them out 🙂 and they’re going all over the patio. I’m trying to create a very relaxed place to hide out after a long day at work… the tiki torches are a good start.

Guess who’s home! For the better part of the last month, Seven has been at Jeremy’s apartment hiding out under the bed and sneaking up in the window sill watching the stray cats strut the complex. He just hasn’t been himself – really skittish and a true scaredy cat. On Sunday I just couldn’t wait to bring him here any longer! I felt like a new mommy bringing home the baby. And now guess who’s having the time of his life!

He chases me up the stairs and I turn around and run back after him. I think he likes hearing the sound of his paws on the wood floors as much as I do. It’s really funny and he’s not doing any more harm than the dog before him did. Tack! Tack! Tack! Tack! It’s the best when he’s rounding the corner between the hall and the living room. He loves it here!

Apparently remodeling a house in flip flops isn’t the best decision I’ve ever made. So now that my feet are totally shot, I purchased some pretty pink sneaks to nurse my feet back to health. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a Florida girl down to my core. I love my flip flops! But, these are the BEST tennis shoes I’ve ever bought! They’re Asics and WOW. It took about an hour of sneaker shopping (which is like, Chinese water torture for me) to select these bad boys.

They’re called White Berry Lightning, Gel-Enhanced. I also bought some arch-support insoles with the hopes of making these shooting foot pains go away. I’ve had them for 2 days now and I’ve power-walked for a minimum of 30 minutes both days (around the neighborhood). I’m super susceptible to shin splints and charley horses and so far, so good. I’ll keep you posted.

In closing, check out the dining room. John made a delicious ground-turkey (*grumble) version of stuffed peppers tonight for dinner, which we all ate for the first time in the new room.


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3 Responses to My boyfriend and my roommate are pyromaniacs

  1. Sherrie says:

    Looks like you even got your light fixture hung in your dining room! Wow, everything is looking great Jenni (and Jeremy) and I love your tiki torches. So glad you were able to hang one, can’t wait to see the others. It’s wonderful to see that Seven has finally made it to his new home, bet he’ll just LOVE it. Wait til Mya joins in the fun. Don’t worry about those wood floors anymore, no need for refinishing now, hahah! Cute sneaks! Hmmm, stuffed peppers? Very interesting Jenni, surprised you even tried them. I can honestly say that I’ve only made them once in the last 26 years. I don’t think you kids appreciated them, but maybe I’ll have to make them one more time, just for kicks! 😉

  2. Gramma says:

    Cute torches. and sneaks, and so romantic!!! Nice dining room, too. So blessed you are to have two men catering to you, and, you didn’t have to bash them upside the head, or knock them up to a peak and knock the peak off (like my motherinlaw used to say.

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