The Saturday of a homeowner

Ahhh… The Saturdays of a home owner. Long gone are the days of laying by the pool, shopping at the mall and hiking up Kennesaw Mountain. There’s no time for that. I started unpacking and cleaning first thing this morning. Jeremy explained that if I unpacked the boxes already in my bedroom, that would make room for the stuff downstairs that needs to go up there. Seems reasonable enough. I think Roommate John will be very surprised to come home to a (mostly) organized house tomorrow night.

The closet is filling up quick, even with my selective checklist of requirements for clothes to enter. We’ve made progress. The dining room table is now actually in the dining room. And the TV and couch are where I want them in the living room, opposite of where they’ve been the past month.

In between swiffering and feng shui-ing, I had the chance to watch Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte swim at the Pan Pacific Championships.

Lochte and I are actually from the same home town. I had to do volunteer hours in high school for the Bright Futures scholarship, so I worked for his mom at the YMCA. When we first met I told her I needed to do community service work, so I wondered if she had a job for me. She said that she would have to talk with my parole officer first, and confused, I replied “I didn’t know I had one.”

My rebates are starting to show up in the mail. I spent $100 more on a dishwasher than I originally planned, since I knew I would get it back in a rebate. I was expecting a check, but alas, just a pre-paid Visa card. Not something I could put toward the Mt. Vesuvius-size Home Depot debt I’ve accrued. I wonder if this Visa card is the states’ way of forcing me to further stimulate the economy… it worked. I used it today at Publix.

The big projects (ie: grouting the kitchen floor, finishing the tile shower, laying the master bath floor tile) have been put on hold until this place gets more “livable” (Jeremy’s word). I’m still learning a lot though. In fact, I just learned how to change out a light switch to a dimmer switch. I’ll do a “how-to” on that later.

Now I’m going to soak in my Saturday night cuddled up in the quilt my mom made me and enjoy a glass of chianti… you know, a typical homeowner’s Saturday night 🙂


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