I’ll take “fun” over “easy” any day!

It’s been four days since my last post, so there’s a lot to catch up on! The weekend with my family was really great. My mom, dad and youngest brother Josh came to visit with his girlfriend Brittany. We went to a Braves game, had several awesome meals, got some shopping in, and still managed to get significant work done on the house.

Our first stop of the weekend was Mellow Mushroom, which is in my opinion the best pizza ever (ranks up there with Satchel’s in Gainesville). I swear Mellow Mushroom is the only reason my mom comes to visit.

I can’t delay this any longer! Check out my new kitchen!

Notice the color on the left side of this picture? That’s the wall color, except it’s a tad more blue here than in person. It’s a gray/slate/blue-ish color.

Mom and I worked on the backsplash all day Friday (after two Home Depot runs and a Baldinos lunch, of course). Then Lauren came over Saturday afternoon to help. I hoped it would be easy – I really really hoped. To everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t. It took two full days, lots of grunts and teeth-gritting, and bruises on my index finger and thumb from cutting.

We had a blast, though. Mom and I reminisced about old stuff. We reenacted sounds from my brothers’ toys and old characters from long-ago Nickelodeon TV shows. It probably would have taken me over a week to do this by myself, but working with her made it more bearable. And I absolutely love the outcome.

Jeremy fixed the disposal and the leg on the dishwasher. I ended up spending more on the dishwasher than I anticipated, since I was getting the Energy Star rebate. Of course it would arrive with a broken leg, right?

He also made my closet livable. He finished installing the wood floors and the closet system. There’s still crown molding and baseboards yet to come.

It was a great weekend, and I’m pretty sure I was due for some much-needed family bonding. Hopefully they will be coming up again at the end of September to visit my nearly finished new home!


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4 Responses to I’ll take “fun” over “easy” any day!

  1. Jen L says:

    Looks like you had a fun and productive weekend! Everything is looking great! I love the kitchen!

    And yes, Satchel’s is AWESOME! We went there after my sis graduated from massage school. Chris wanted to eat in that VW van thing out front but thankfully it was raining so we sat inside lol

  2. Therese Jordan says:

    Glad u had time to bond with family & have a little “fun”. Kitchen looks great & so does closet. You are a very lucky but tired I’m sure “HO”.

  3. Wow! What is the backsplash made of? I love it.

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