A wall has been hit

Of all the days in this whole renovation process, yesterday was probably the 2nd most frustrating (behind the Home Depot 36″ sink base extravaganza, of course). It’s come to the point where soooo many people have been in and out of the house, helping straighten and clean up and unpack (to which, I am more than grateful), that I can’t find anything. Literally, everything is missing.

I told myself when I first started writing about this experience that this wouldn’t be a complain-fest. I wouldn’t tell you about everything that goes wrong or gets broken, and I promised to keep the posts as lighthearted and fun, yet real, as possible. My friends, a wall has been hit. And I don’t mean the ceiling that Jeremy nearly fell through last night. A figurative wall – a wall that just needs one really really awesome renovation day to make it go away. And I don’t see how one really really awesome renovation day and myself will ever be in the same room together.

Last night Lauren came over to help get some things finished before my parents arrive tonight (screech! Yay!!). Jeremy and I planned to finish the closet floor, install the closet system, nail down (?) the counter tops and top it off with a kitchen sink. Ask me what we got finished.


My mom-instinct must be kicking in because every time it’s too quiet in the house I feel the need to investigate. After crawling through the attic to route some wires and (as I said earlier) almost falling through the ceiling (he landed flat on his back… no good), Jeremy was finally able to install the closet light fixture. I decided to recycle that non-aha moment, hideous one from the kitchen and use it in the master closet. It was too quiet, so I walked upstairs to see if he needed anything. His response: “No, but you might want to stand there for a minute because if I get electrocuted this will be the time.” I started laughing. He continued, “If you see me stuck to the wire, just run and kick me as hard as you can. Don’t push me, rear back and kick me. Don’t laugh, I’m not kidding.” No more laughter. Fortunately, there was no kicking to be had, the light is installed. And now I know how to help someone who’s being electrocuted.

The garbage disposal/sink pipes are gone. Missing. Thrown away? Possibly. The three of us hunted for those things for probably 2 hours. And then when I couldn’t find a Phillips Head screwdriver anywhere in the house to install the dishwasher, I knew it was time for a time-out. We went to Home Depot, bought all new pipes and then to Mulberry St. Pizza for a fantastic meatball sub and Greek salad. By the time we got back to the house it was after 9:00, and Jeremy realized we forgot the Plumbers Putty.

I quickly offered to drive to Walmart and pick that up, along with two faucet connectors.  After two near head-on collisions (Atlanta drivers are insane) and waiting in one – of three – lines open with 10+ people in each, I arrived home with putty and connectors. A few minutes later I hear from the kitchen, “The putty is no good. It’s hard.”

He made it work.

By midnight, the disposal was together and the sink accessories were installed. Jeremy tested the pipes, no leaks! Then he flipped the disposal switch…  … … once again, bupkis.

And that was the end of that night. Believe it or not, last night was the first time I honestly wondered whether or not I made the right decision by purchasing a house, especially one that needed work. I didn’t realize how little hands-on work I am actually capable of, and I had no idea that this job would consume so many other people as well. I’m sure these feelings of disappointment and frustration will pass, but I’m pretty bummed. So many of my friends and family have stepped in to make this whole thing work, and nothing would have ever been done without Jeremy. I know that there’s no time for a pity party or sulking of any kind, but man, I just wish something would be easy. Maybe doing the backsplash with my mom tomorrow will be easy… Maybe…


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2 Responses to A wall has been hit

  1. Therese Jordan says:

    Sounds like it’s time for a quiet place, comfy chair. a glass of wine & all will be better. You & Jeremy & all your helpers can be very proud of all you’ve accomplished in a short time.
    God bless!

  2. The Frog says:

    Ok first of all I WAS NOT working with hot wires! I’m not that stupid. I was just messing with Jenni and trying to teach her a life lesson at the same time. Almost falling through the ceiling did almost happen. I lost my balance in the 150 degree attic and fell on my butt. But the light works and the closet is now done. On to the next thing!

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