Some days you’re the 75 mph wind, some days you’re the baseboard

Yesterday Jeremy and I attempted to make a quick run after work to Sears for a miter saw and then to Home Depot for baseboards before we started working on the house. This “quick run” rapidly transformed into a never-ending saga of misfortune.

We spent 30 minutes at Sears trying to figure out how change the angle platform at the base of the saw on display. The employee was “covering for” someone else, so he offered very little help. It turns out the angle-changing nob was warped, which is why we couldn’t figure it out. After all that, we decided to wait and see what Home Depot had to offer.

Traffic was horrendous. Just getting out of the mall parking lot was a challenge. At Home Depot, Jeremy headed to the baseboard section while I went to the check-out lanes to find something to snack on. (I swear I’m hypoglycemic or something.) Home Depot only had 14-foot baseboards, so we devised a plan to get them home in my Altima coupe. Apparently (we know now) Home Depot charges by the foot, so we could have cut the baseboards down to the size we needed in the store and then transported them. Good to know. As we checked out, the cashier had us measure the boards, which were actually 13-ft each. She took the liberty of rounding up for us, so she charged us for 28-ft total. Awesome.

I pulled the back seats of my car down, rolled down the window, and Jeremy slid the baseboards in. Only about 7-ft of each baseboard actually fit in the car, so nearly half of the boards were hanging outside. I laughingly said to Jeremy, “Only take the back roads.”

Jeremy merged into the I-75 lane. I believe I said something like “Ummm… seriously?” He told me to hold onto them, after all it was just one exit. We merged. Some jerk cut us off. Our speed picked up. Wind rattled the boards even though I gripped them both tightly. We probably didn’t make it 1/3 of a mile before “SNAP! SNAP!” Both boards snapped in half and flew behind my car into oncoming traffic.

I arrived home with two 6-ft baseboards. Not only were we overcharged, but now I didn’t even have enough to do my closet.

I’m still laughing about it. We spent the rest of the night installing the hardwood floors Jeremy surprised me with for my closet, since the carpet no longer fit.

Wouldn’t you have guessed that the saw we ended up buying was too small to cut one of these boards in half? It never ends…


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6 Responses to Some days you’re the 75 mph wind, some days you’re the baseboard

  1. Joanne says:

    OMG, I’m so sorry. What a mess, I hope nobody on the interstate was hurt. The hardwood floor in the closet looks nice.

  2. The Frog says:

    Once again it was my fault!! I’m sure it’s not the last thing I will mess up on this project! The wood floors in the closet and the counter-tops looks great, if I do say so my self.

    • Sherrie says:

      You did an AWESOME job, and Jenni couldn’t have done it without you! (Did I mention your parents were amazingly wonderful?)

  3. Sherrie says:

    You should change the words on your side mirror to… “Objects in this mirror are half the size they used to be!”

  4. Therese Jordan says:

    We hope we never follow you on the interstate. Some lessons are really learned the VERY hard way. But we can depend on you both to brighten our days with a good laugh (at your expense, literally). But the closet floor looks great & will be much easier to keep clean than carpet.

  5. Gramma says:

    I would have given up my dinner to have seen that!! I can just hear you laughing!!!!!!! Oh my. You’re catching up to Joyce in
    the “goofs” department!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON HAVING FUN. What memories!

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