It’s amazing what you can do when you read the directions…

What a great weekend! First of all, look what I woke up to on Saturday morning:

My bed is right next to the window, so the first thing I get to see in the morning are treetops outside. I’ve never had a tree outside my 2nd-floor window before!

How can a day not be awesome when you wake up to such a refreshing view in the morning? Oh wait, maybe when you take your eyes off the treetops and see what your bedroom looks like:

Eh, it’s a work in progress. Today I painted my new closet and the hallway between the bedrooms.

Jeremy helped me pick out a closet system at Home Depot. If you haven’t checked into closet racks lately, don’t do it. This crap is expensive! Do you see how your closet has those wire racks with spacers here ‘n there to hang your clothes? Psshht! That is so 2008! Now they sell these things:

That’s right. They make the wire racks with itty-bitty sections so you can’t hang clothes on them. Instead, you have to buy hooks and pole accessories for hanging all your clothes. Oh sure, they still make the racks with bigger spaces for hanging, but they only come in 14-foot sections so you have to hunt down someone in the store to cut it down to the size you need. It’s ridiculous. And the thing in that picture is $96! Can you believe that!? This is the one I got (NOT $96!):

You can add drawers and baskets and stuff to get more organized. And the poles extend all the way to the wall.

After my paint job dried, Jeremy attempted to put carpet back on the floor so the closet system could go in. Ha! Whoever cut the carpet during demolition (eh… hem) miss-cut and now there isn’t enough carpet to go in the closet. I don’t stress about these kinds of things, so I just laughed. He doesn’t think it’s very funny, though. So for right now, this is the floor of my closet:

There’s not much you can do with carpet padding, and walking on it gives me the heeby-jeebies. So now I need to either A. pick out new carpet which probably won’t match what’s in my room, or B. find some cheap, click-together wood flooring.

One last thing, look what I can do!

I found a fire pit at Walmart for super cheap! I attempted to put it together blindly… just seeing what fits where. No-go. It’s amazing what you can do when you read the directions! And I love this version much better… ha!


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