Buried Alive… not really

It’s been one month since my first post, which means it’s been one month since hardcore demolition began, which means I only have two months left before I hit my deadline. Yikes!

It’s been a rough week. I actually don’t mind living out of boxes (I think I was born to be a nomad) and going six days without a hair brush doesn’t get to me (I found it yesterday). Work has been tough and physically I just don’t feel up to par. Jeremy has been wonderful, though, and progress is still being made!

He finished staining the butcher-block counter tops yesterday. I truly couldn’t have imagined a more perfect color!

They need to be sealed 4 or 5 times, so the kitchen still won’t be in working order until next spring sometime. Just kidding. They should be up and running by Tuesday… hold your breath. Lucky for me, we went with his choice of stain – Minwax cherry – and it’s absolutely perfect with the white cabinets and travertine tile.

Progress has also been made in the living room. You could barely walk past the couch a couple days ago, and now we’ve got hardwood floors again!

The TV is something newly acquired by Roommate John, and as soon as I get a new TV for downstairs, that thing is bye-bye! PS, if you see anything you want in this picture, come get it.

Which brings me to my next topic: hoarding. If you haven’t seen TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive show, it’s something worth checking out. Every time it’s on, Jeremy stops channel-surfing and slowly turns his head in my direction. I am NOT a hoarder! Is there a possibility that I have too much “stuff?”… perhaps. I don’t really know why I hold onto things as much as I do. I’d like to think that it’s because I have a huge heart and everything I own has sentiment. Last night I put a salad spinner in the storage box to go into the attic (sorry, Mom). I just never use it! Jeremy kindly asked why I would put it in the attic instead of giving it away or tossing it out. So I thought for a second and I really didn’t have a good answer. It’s in fine condition, still spins. I just feel guilty getting rid of it. But it’s constantly things like salad spinners, hot pink sombreros, vases, old jewelry, scarves, knick-knacks and clothes that I just can’t seem to part with. WHY!?

I think I should start an e-mail list of things I come across that need a home other than mine, and maybe that way I won’t feel guilty if I know that such items will have a good home. Geeze, I treat salad spinners as well as I treat my pets. What’s wrong with me!?!

(PS, John came in the room as I pulled the salad spinner out of the attic box and was thrilled to see that he finally has one! Haha… got out of getting rid of it, yet again!)


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3 Responses to Buried Alive… not really

  1. Lauren Sherwood says:

    I have been saying for the last 2 months that I need a salad spinner (just ask Chris)!! I hate having to wash it in a strainer then let it drip dry, by then the lettuce isn’t cold! John you had better enjoy that!

    • Sherrie says:

      You are SO right Lauren! I’m beginning to think, like Jenni, that you really are one of my very own kids! We couldn’t have more in common if we tried, from perfumes and cakes to salad spinners. I love to put ice water in the salad spinner and let the salad get good and cold, while I’m finishing up making dinner. Then I spin the salad right before I put it in a bowl. It’s a definite must and I can’t believe you don’t have one yet!

  2. Gramma says:

    I could have used that salad spinner, too. Christmasisn’t it? is coming up pretty soon,

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