Movin’ on up…

I’m out! I am officially 100% moved out of my apartment and into my new home. It only took 2 days, 8 people and 12+ trips in an old Chevy pick-up truck.

It was a beautiful day for a move, too. I wore my sombrero (and I said “not my yob, man” to everything) and John drove the truck (and texted, which as of today is illegal in Georgia even at stop lights).

It also required a few trips in my car for a more gentle transportation of goods.

For everyone who is still renting an apartment: When you move out, DO THE WALK-THROUGH WITH YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER!! Schedule a time where you two can walk it together and let him/her show you exactly what you’re being charged for. I moved to another apartment within the same complex a year ago and they charged me over $300 in fees for a worn bathroom floor, bleaching my tub, scratches on my countertop, etc, but I had no proof that those things didn’t exist! This time I actually did the walk-through with the same manager and I’m getting my full deposit refunded back to me. How cool is that?

The move would have never been possible without John’s mom and dad. I would still be sitting there in my living room packing (and probably crying at this point) if it weren’t for them. His mother is a whirlwind cleaner, like a good Tasmanian Devil!

Jeremy and John’s dad tiled the shower on Saturday, while the rest of us packed and transported. I chose the 4×4 travertine tiles – a small version of what I used on the kitchen floor and much easier to work with. I told Jeremy it wasn’t fair that I  had to pack all day Saturday while he got to decorate. He didn’t like that.

(Side note: the green pieces between the tiles are called spacers. They keep the grout lines straight and level, even though the tiles vary in size. If you had braces like me, you know all about spacers!)

The shower is going to be gorgeous when it’s finished. After everything was moved into the house, this is what my living room looked like. So much for having gorgeous cherry wood floors, eh?

At this time I would like to introduce an up-n-coming star in my life: Mya (pronounced like Maya Angelou)

She’s Roommate John’s dog. My cat Seven absolutely adores her… NOT. This is Seven when he was just a wee little guy. Jeremy picked him out for me at the Humane Society. And I’m kind of surprised at myself for not mentioning him earlier. Please don’t tell him!

Right now I need to get everything in its place, which is kind of difficult since the renovations aren’t finished yet. Plus I’m so anxious over all the excitement I can hardly sleep at night. We were finished with the move yesterday around 4:00, and I zonked out immediately afterward. My brain started going again before bed last night and it was all downhill from there. Today I feel like a zombie. Maybe I’ll have better luck tonight…


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