Pink Floyd Had it Right

♪ ♫ Money, it’s a crime
Share it fairly
But don’t take a slice of my pie ♫

My pie is dwindling, and there’s still so much more to purchase for the house. If you ask me, I still need to buy paint, a few baseboards, some crown molding, a new toilet, a master vanity and closet shelves. If you ask Jeremy, he would have a longer list of more “time-sensitive” necessities, but I think my list of  “necessities” are equally important 😉
Financially speaking, I’ve spent 83% of my total budget (entire budget = Obama money from the housing credit). I will get money back for returning a few items this week, so hopefully that will provide a little more wiggle room. I do know, however, that if Jeremy and his family hadn’t done the work themselves (I helped!), I never would have been able to afford to remodel even a single room.
Tonight it’s all about packing up the house. Since I’ve spent almost every day for the past month and a half leaving straight from work and reporting to remodeling duty, I’m pretty behind on the packing aspect of this whole moving idea. Yikes. Luckily Roommate John’s parents are coming back in town tonight (with their Avalanche) so I will have help all weekend getting out of the apartment and into the house. My apartment keys must be turned in by Sunday night. Wish me luck.
Below is a percentage of completion for each room in my new house, based on the move-in ready scale in my head:
Kitchen = 70% finished
Master bathroom = 40% finished
Master closet = 75% finished
John’s room  = 100%
John’s bathroom = 90%
Dining room = 90%
Living room = 95%
We could totally use an extra 100 pairs of hands this weekend, if anyone is available to help out. You don’t even have to lift, you could just paint or sweep or clean up. I will feed & water you!

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One Response to Pink Floyd Had it Right

  1. MichaelJ says:

    Well I guess maybe I should have driven there and helped out…but luckily you have lots of friends and family that are willing and able….most renovations go over budget….just have to know what is needed and what is a want…and you and Jeremy are smart adults and will have it all figured out….I posted twice on one of the others entries but it never showed up…but have fun finishing getting all moved out…and I will check up on the blog later

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