… And then there were two

It’s just the two of us now, so things are getting interesting…

I finally learned how to use the dremel tool! I knew how to cut drywall with the razor and level and all, that was day 1 stuff. But today I learned how to use the dremel on drywall!

The dremel tool is useful for cutting out holes in drywall to accommodate pipes and knobs … err… you know, that kind of stuff. Once I cut the circles, I could fit the drywall into its place and have the water pipe-valve things go through holes so they can easily be turned on or off at any time. Genius.

This is the current status of my master bathroom and closet from scratch. And yes, that is a window in my closet. This is the only way we could make it work! Maybe natural light will inspire me to make quicker clothing decisions when getting ready in the morning…

Just to refresh your memory, this is what it looked like a couple weeks ago when we first started demolition:

There was a big hole in the kitchen ceiling from routing pipes to the upstairs bathroom that needed to be patched. Jeremy did an incredible patch job, then he sanded down the entire kitchen ceiling to make it all smooth. He turned the place into the too-scary-for-me-to-watch scene of E.T. when the swarms of people in white are working on the poor little alien:

He hung the plastic paint sheets to keep the dust from getting all over the house. Mission unsuccessful as you can see by my camera lens.

I helped clean up. (Got to use my wet/dry vac!!!)

Which reminds me, I guess it’s time to address the butcher block counter tops even though granite got an overwhelming response in the survey. First, read my previous post, then ask yourself if you would have wanted to go through the hassle of getting those 10-foot slabs of stone to the house (safely… 1000+ lbs) and attempt to cut the 3/4″ thick stone having never done it before. It wasn’t an option. Butcher block, it is. I’ve already sanded it… yeah, that’s right. iiiii did it. So now it just needs to be stained. It will be gorgeous!

In closing, if you ever wondered what Mr. Sandman looks like, look no further.


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2 Responses to … And then there were two

  1. Jen L says:

    I’m really enjoying following your blog! It’s really cool to be going through the whole process with you and not having to lift a finger and actually do work 😉 JK I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see the finished product…and the next blog post.

    And I agree about E.T. The scariest part for me was when they found him dieing in the river. Creepy! OH and btw, LOVE the Sand Man picture. He looks thrilled lol

  2. Therese Jordan says:

    I’ve been wanting to see something other than ‘bald’ on top of Jeremy’s head so ‘sandman’ was almost an improvement (lol). Things are looking great! I’m really impressed!! Wish we could have helped but with Jeremy & Joanne & Mark, you couldn’t have had a better work force or helping hands. ( I’m also prejudice when it comes to family.)

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