Renovation Chaos Weekend

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who was anticipating a blog post after this weekend and asked me why there wasn’t a new one posted. It feels really good to have friends anticipating the renovation updates. Really, really good. So thank you, friends!

… And we’re back! Jeremy’s parents came to Atlanta again this weekend for another round of renovation mania, which soon became renovation chaos. I chose the most absolutely gorgeous travertine tiles for my kitchen floor. Mistake #5,986 of the renovation. Wait, first look at this picture and give Jeremy’s parents some “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” for their hard work. It totally paid off and the kitchen floor is incredible.

Jeremy’s mom (Joanne) actually does a little dance on each tile after his dad (Mark) lays it in the mortar. The dance levels the tiles out (and it is similar to ‘the twist’ for those of you wondering). Where was I for all this dancin’ and layin’? Workin’! That’s right, they did this ridiculous job together while Jeremy was in class and I was at work. The problem with travertine (I now know) is that no two pieces have the same thickness. Since it’s stone, some pieces are thinner than others, making laying them even extremely difficult. Tip your hat to Jer’s parents. It literally took ALL day. I love my floor!

My roommate John (calm down, he’s one of Jeremy’s bff’s. It’s cool) and his parents also spent the weekend with us renovating.

Big John and Jeremy did all the electrical work for my new bathroom and closet, while “little”… ha John and his mom Marion painted.

Jeremy’s brother Jason also came to town from Houston to contribute his talents to the project(s). Jason, Jeremy and his dad built the shower pan in my new bathroom. It’s a 3×4 shower (no tub) and the floor will be 1″x 1” glass & travertine tiles with 4×4 travertine tiles along the shower walls. Another soon-to-be beautiful project in the making.

There is so much more to tell about this weekend. If you love drama, tears and freak-out moments, stay tuned for my next post. Oh yeah, and I have to be completely moved out of my apartment by this weekend and moved into my new pad. This oughta be good…


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One Response to Renovation Chaos Weekend

  1. Michael J says:

    glad that you have lots of people helping you…..they must really like you to drive all that way just to come work…..and you have them coming from all over….from Florida and even Texas…(Jeremy’s brother is not too far from me just a few hours)….ya’ll are doing a great job…can not wait to hear about it all and see more pictures….

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