Home Depot Devastation

On Saturday morning I went to Home Depot bright and early to pick up some things before we got started on the house. I went again before lunch to pick up a dishwasher and a few other things. Around 1:00, we started hanging kitchen cabinets when it became apparent that 3 or 4 were the wrong size. In addition, 2 of the cabinets were busted-up and broken in the back. The guys loaded the Avalanche with the six cabinets and Jeremy’s brother Jason and I made our way to Home Depot (for my third trip of the day).

We pulled up front to the loading zone and I went inside to get a flatbed cart while Jason waited in the truck. On my way in I told a cashier that we needed help unloading, so she could call someone on her walkie-talkie to come out there. We waited and waited. Nobody came. Finally Jason started loading up the cart by himself – still no one came. In fact, one cart pusher walked past us to get a hot dog from the stand next to our truck, but he never stopped to help. I ran inside to tell a manager that we still needed help out there. Before I knew it Jason had 5 of the 6 cabinets loaded by himself (keep in mind, these are at least 60+ lbs. each). I ran inside to find another cart for the 6th cabinet and shook my head at the woman manager who never got us help.

We pushed the carts to the Returns area and I summoned a cabinet guy to help us load up the new cabinets onto carts. I read off the list of what we needed… two 30-inch tops, one 36-inch sink base, etc. We got home and unloaded the cabinets. They’re all back in the living room where they were this morning, only now we’re a few hours behind schedule. As the guys are unwrapping the boxes, it becomes apparent that the 36-inch sink base I requested was not what was put on the cart. This was just a 36-inch base. Shoot me now.

On my fourth trip to Home Depot for the day, I called “John” the cabinet guy on my way there to explain to him the mishap. I asked him to please have a 36-inch sink base up at the front waiting for us. It was his screw-up. (Side note: on our way, I noticed the temperature gauge in the truck read 106. H.O.T.)

Luckily for me, or so I thought, John did manage to have the 36-inch sink base waiting for me at the Exchanges counter. I knew this would be a quick transaction and I could be back home in 20 minutes to finish the kitchen. Joanne came with me this time and we actually had help unloading the wrong one and loading the new one into the truck.

The guys greeted me and Joanne in front of the house where we backed in to unload the long-awaited 36-inch sink base. I ran inside to get something and hurried out just fast enough to hear a whole bunch of bad words echoing around the neighborhood.  #^&%$&!!*^%&%*@!! %^*%&#*%$!!

What was the problem? Oh, nothing. It’s just that this “new” sink base was the exact busted-up broken one I had returned to them earlier that afternoon. They had the nerve to put it back on the shelf after I showed them where it was broken! And then I re-bought it!!!

Do you ever have those moments when you get so angry you can’t see straight and you can’t unlock your jaw from gritting your teeth so tight? That was me… times 10. We were now easily 6 hours behind schedule. The kitchen still wasn’t finished and I was having my first utter breakdown of the renovation. Someone needed to die.

Luckily for “Manager Shawn” he wasn’t able to come to the phone when I called, so the woman took down my name and number and assured me he would call in the next 10 minutes. Then she transferred me to John. Good ol’ kitchen cabinet John. With a clenched jaw I explained to John the situation. He offered numerous apologies and guaranteed that I would have a perfect 36-inch sink base waiting for me at the front. (Side note: the Avalanche was filled-up on the previous night and we were already down to 3/4 tank of gas just from driving back and forth to Home Depot all day!)

Finally Manager Shawn called. Poor… poor Manager Shawn. I let him have it. I explained that I’m just a few hundred dollars shy of maxing out my card, I’ve probably been there 50 times in the past month, this was my 5th trip today because of their screw-ups, etc etc etc. I told him I would be there momentarily and he said to bring in my receipt.

To make a long story even longer, he wasn’t waiting at the front so I let the customer service woman know who I was. I took a seat off to the side of the front desk on a wicker bench. Finally Manager Shawn approached me (not too shabby looking, I might add) and out came my tears. I was like a well that didn’t have a turn-off nob (or a quarter-turn valve for you renovators out there), and the downpour was uncontrollable. We were so far behind schedule, my family was leaving that night, we didn’t have anything done, on and on and on. He just kept apologizing during every break in my gasping-for-breath crying spree. It seemed like every apology made it worse. I was stressed out, I was furious and my tension headache went from 0 to 160 in 20 minutes (you know, the distance from my house to Home Depot).

Shawn gave me a considerable discount on the new cabinet. Considerable is an understatement. He basically handed it to me. I had just lived through the single worst renovation day to date. And to top it off, I set a new record of frequenting Home Depot 5 times in one day. That beat last weekend’s 4 time record. Never… never again.


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7 Responses to Home Depot Devastation

  1. Mindy says:

    That back and forth to Home Depot sounds familiar…Aaron and I remodeled our first house during our five months of engagement. Phew–that was stressful. We essentially redid every surface in the house. But get this for awesomeness: a Home Depot opened up 2 blocks away the weekend Aaron closed on the house. We could see it from our backyard. Sorry your Home Depot is a treck…especially on your kitchen cabinet day! That sounded rough! 😦

  2. Jen says:

    Wow. What a horrible experience! At least he was finally able to take care of you. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. Well, I’m sure the kitchen is going to look fabulous! I can’t wait to read more/see it!

  3. Kasey says:

    WOW! You guys went to Home Depot more times last weekend than we did. We only made it there 4 times. It sounds like we missed a “fun” weekend. Chris & I think we’ll just come see the finished product in a few months and leave all the fun stuff to you & Jeremy.

  4. Devon Gaston says:

    Oh Jenni! What a horrible day. I’m still so amazing and impressed that you are taking all of this on. I guess the old saying goes, “the end will be that much sweeter”. 🙂

  5. Therese Jordan says:

    I really can relate to all this & give you so much credit, especially since this is only your 1/4 life crisis. Sorry to say there will probably be more. But isn’t life soooo exciting? We lived in a dust bowl for over a year while we redid the kitchen, living, dining & utility rooms. It was an extremely stressful time, especially since I don’t do dust & disarray well at all. But it was worth it & that’s what counts in the end. I prayed daily for the safety of ‘ya’ll’ with tools & problems of all kinds. I guess I should have included aggravation,etc.

  6. Gramma says:

    Unbelievable, that’s all I can say. I can just see you venting there. So, you got a really good deal on one cabinet .. Should havebeen on the whole lot. Gas, frustration, time, frustration, loss of tears, frustration. Oh well, girl, get on with thinks and it’ll all seem so much better when you’re finished. (I sound so philosophical, don’t I??)

  7. Gramma says:

    Can’t believe I can spell philosophical and not “things”

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