Goin’ Muddin’

I’ve been known to do some muddin’ in my day. Today was a new kind of muddin’. It didn’t involve a truck or rain or going to the boondocks, aaand I got to wear my favorite shoes.

(Don’t comment on my colorless toes. I’ll get a pedicure when this house stuff is over.)

Today’s muddin’ was on the drywall. About a week ago my mom and I were talking about everything that needs to happen in the kitchen. She said, “So, when the drywall is hung, then what?” …cricket… cricket… “Uhh… Jeremy!!! What happens after the drywall is up?” His response, “Tape and mud.” But it wasn’t until today that I learned what that meant.

Apparently you can use this relatively new-to-the-market drywall tape that looks like a thick strip of cheesecloth to cover the seams of pieces of drywall that are lined up next to each other.

Once the seams are taped you slap on some “mud,” which looks identical to the stuff the orthodontist used in my teeth mold trays, only this stuff doesn’t taste like bubble gum. The mud has to dry, then you sand down the joints and mud it up all over again.

Apparently it takes a few coats. THEN (Mom, are you paying attention?) it’s time to paint! That’s when the real fun begins.

It turns out that Jeremy’s parents LOVED working with me so much last weekend, they’re coming up for another dose of “Renovation Jenni” again this weekend.

Our goal is to have the kitchen finished and get some work done in the new bathroom. Since plumbing is complete up there, it’s time to hang drywall and “pour the shower pan.” (I’ll let you know what that means after this weekend.)

Until then, it’s time to conduct my first poll. I found granite for a ridiculously low price. It’s even a little cheaper than the butcher block counter tops! Time to decide.


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3 Responses to Goin’ Muddin’

  1. Michael says:

    the fun of putting compound on the walls…learning what type of drywall paper/tape to use and where…and the fun task of learning to use the trowels…what fun….the shower pan should be relatively easy…follow the directions….mix the material correctly then make sure it slopes toward the dran and let it dry…lol….well sounds easy enough doesn’t it… then comes the rubber shower liner then another layer of mortar mix….but I have faith in ya’ll and I am def enjoying all the pics….keep us all updated and can not wait to see the finished product

  2. Sheila Haas says:

    Go for the granite. You’ll have a better return down the road if you decide to sell. Besides, with Mark and Joanne coming up again moving the large pieces should be a piece of cake! Haha!
    Jeremy and Mark, after you’re done with Jenni’s renovation I have a few things that need attention!

  3. Therese Jordan says:

    I love our granite. It’s a no-brainer for me. I’m sure u know how special Jeremy & his parents are. They gave up a week-end of relaxation at the beach to ‘have fun’ up there with ‘ya’ll’. Not to mention not seeing Holly for 3 days. You really rate!!!

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