Drywall up to my eyeballs

More on Renovation Mania Weekend…

Friday after work, Jeremy and I rushed to meet his parents after they drove 7+ hours to help us spend the weekend renovating. It was then that the Home Depot madness began. If my memory serves me right, I believe our goals were to get the plumbing for the upstairs bathroom finished (started and finished, to be more precise), re-route the plumbing from the kitchen to the outdoor spickets (just… don’t ask), hang the drywall in the kitchen and get the kitchen cabinets installed. The good news is that the upstairs plumbing is finished. I would probably guess that this single project took upwards of 32 hours to complete. That’s right, 32 of the 48 total hours.

On Saturday morning we met a couple of maintenance men who were working on a house across the street. One just happened to be a plumber, so we brought him to the house for a cost estimate on the job Jeremy and his dad were about to embark on. The quote? $1600. Needless to say, after seven trips to Home Depot and lots of “uh-oh’s” and “oh *@$%,” the upstairs plumbing was complete. (Side note: apparently installing plumbing from nothing and remodeling someone else’s cluster-plumbing-mess are two totally different animals.)

We had one hour left on Sunday before they needed to get back on the road to Tampa, so we rushed to get the drywall started in the kitchen. If you’ve never lifted drywall, you can’t even imagine what this entails. Jeremy and his dad hoisted the drywall in place, his mom worked the nail gun-thingy (I tried and that didn’t work out) and I passed her nails. About 3/4 of the way through, his mom let out a halting screech! She was shocked! Literally! She had leaned against an open outlet while forcefully nailing the drywall to the studs, and got an electrocution that she felt down to her toes. This 4’11”, 95 lb. woman is tougher than most men I know.  After taking a minute to get her pulse back to normal, she kept right on working. And you ought to see this woman yank out nails with the back of the hammer! One day I hope to be as useful during renovations as she is. And she even cuts pipe with that crazy, loud chop-saw!

Renovations continue tonight. Kitchen drywall, here I come.


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2 Responses to Drywall up to my eyeballs

  1. Kasey Craig says:

    Technically, she is 4’11” & 3/4″. It sounds like you guys had an eventful weekend. Holly is willing to lend a hand as soon as she can pick up a hammer, which shouldn’t be too much longer. Keep the blog going. It’s great to read all the updates.

  2. Mark says:

    Jenni now knows what a rough in bath rm looks like. She really thought she could start using today!!!!!!!! She must be watching to much DYI on TV.
    What she doesn’t mention is how Jeremy was trying to cut a tee into a 2″ line under a tub for 3 hrs. You couldn’t see it, all you could do was push you hand under the tub and feel where you had to cut. Only if she could have heard the moaning and groaning that was coming from him. They were at Home Depot!!!! Theirs something about Home Depot we haven’t figured out yet, everytime we turned around they were at Home Depot. She knows all of them by name if that tells you anything.
    Oh ya and how he glued a reducer bushing in upside down. We thought we had a big problem then but guess what, his dad forgot to glue the other end so it became smaller problem and another trip to Home Depot.
    What a weekend, we need about 3 or 4 more just like it to finish the job.

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