The 48 Hours of Renovation Mania Weekend

Renovation Mania Weekend (named it myself) kicked-off Friday after work and ended Sunday afternoon. I’m not even sure where to start, so expect several posts about this weekend.

On my fifth trip to Home Depot (Saturday evening), I decided to re-write the lyrics of the popular Christmas carol 12 Days of Christmas, while waiting for Home Depot’s plumber guy to help us out. Even though there were only 48 hours in Renovation Mania Weekend, it certainly felt like 12 days, so I came up with 12 renovation-realities that happened this weekend. (Sing along to the Christmas tune.)

The 48 Hours of Renovation Mania Weekend

12 sheets of drywall

11 New friendships with employees

10 2″ elbow PVC pipes

9 Carts at check-out

8 Stacks of bathroom tile

7 trips to Home Depot

6 Hours without running water

5 Scoped-out dumpster runs

4 Girls picking out plumbing stuff

3 rooms in frames

2 bought and returned bath vanities

and one electrocution


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2 Responses to The 48 Hours of Renovation Mania Weekend

  1. Sherrie says:

    Bought and returned two bathroom vanities? I don’t recall being blessed with that story yet. Do fill us in! 😉

  2. Michael J says:

    looks like a fantastic weekend spent with friends and family getting some work done….what more could you ask for…..seeing a room transform before your eyes and learning a lot of useful skills and doing it all with people you care about….keep up the great work!!!

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