Celebrating with Holly in July

We just got back from an amazing three-day weekend with Jeremy’s family in Apollo Beach, FL. The occasion? Jeremy’s new job. For those of you who thought he couldn’t possibly take on any more responsibilities, add “uncle” to the list. His beautiful niece Holly was born on July 6.

Holly is the first grandchild, the daughter of Jeremy’s brother Chris and his wife Kasey. She was passed around the room like a musical jug in a bluegrass band. Everyone had their turn.

Our friends Lauren and Chris joined us on the trip from Atlanta.

We went out on the boat, hung out at Channelside, went to Longboat Key and really enjoyed a fun, relaxing weekend.

It was a good thing this weekend was so rejuvenating because next week is going to be… painful. Jeremy’s parents are coming up on Friday to help build the bathroom. You know, the one that currently looks like a sink in a closet.

That’s what it looks like today, but exactly one week from now it will look like an actual bathroom. Starting tomorrow the race is on to get it prepped and ready for Friday. Then Friday, the race is on to get the bathroom installed (and working) by Sunday. Please send dinners… and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And wine. Lots of wine.


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