Life is full of “aha” moments… sometimes

I was getting used to those “aha” moments. You know, where you see something and know instantly that it’s the absolute, most perfect thing you will ever find. Seeing my house for the first time was an “aha” moment. Finding my awesome kitchen cabinets 20% off brought on another “aha” moment. I thought these special moments of intuitive enlightenment would keep coming throughout the entire remodeling process. Not the case.

I picked out a light fixture for the kitchen. Without looking, can you tell me what your kitchen light fixture looks like? I couldn’t. So I picked out this:

Well, not exactly this. A more modern version. But you get the idea. Where was my “aha” moment on this decision? Oh, I didn’t have one. Looking back I’m pretty sure I blacked out when I decided to purchase this for my kitchen. It gets better. When did I decide that this was, in fact, a terrible purchase? It was the very same moment that Jeremy was tightening the final screw (or nail, or bolt, or washer… or whatever it’s called, they all look the same) on the fixture attaching it to the ceiling… sorry, babe.

This brings me to my next “duhhrr” moment. Paint color. Here is yesterday’s conversation with Amy in the paint department at Home Depot:
Me: “Hi. I’m trying to pick a paint color for my dining room, something neutral. What do you think of these?”
Amy: “Well, this one is nice. And this one has a pinkish-tint to it, so I’m not sure how it will go with your decor. And this one is a more canary color, but I like the buttercream you have here. If you want neutral this one might have too much brown in it, but if you have white baseboards and crown molding this color would really pop.”
Me: (Picks up paint swatches, randomly picks one and lays it on the counter.)
Amy: “Okay, now what texture do you want this? We have flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss.”

Where did the “aha” moments run off to? We had such a good thing going! We were a team, me and these overtly obvious decision making moments of mine! Someone call Mutual of Omaha! My “aha” moments are all used up!

My next decision: bathroom tile. Lord, help us all.


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6 Responses to Life is full of “aha” moments… sometimes

  1. jlvessels says:

    You want Eggshell! She obviously doesnt know you;) Hello, I just painted my whole house.. where was my text of “duuuhr” help me! haha

  2. Mom says:

    So… I’m assuming Jeremy did nothing less but take it down and march you back to home depot, so you could return it and find the one that said “aha” on the box. You’re one very lucky girl jenni! 🙂

  3. Go Renovate says:

    So you are telling me these moments actually run dry?

  4. Therese Jordan says:

    I think of u every time I turn on my kitchen fan. My kitchen is smaller than most people’s bathrooms but now that I’m a ‘senior citizen’ I really like being able to have everything so handy, all I have to do is turn around, little walking. Sorry Jeremy but I really think a light/fan fixture would work so much better than the “aha” one. Let us know next time you’re coming down so we can have u both over for dinner & fan appreciation day.
    Love, Grandma J

    • jennib85 says:

      Grandma J, I’m taking you up on that dinner offer. I still haven’t seen your place! And you’re not really a senior citizen until you move to Flori… uhh… nevermind. 😉 Don’t worry, the “aha” light fixture is actually an “uhh no” fixture. I think Jeremy’s talked me into a florescent light. I’ll keep you posted!

  5. Therese Jordan says:

    Sorry again Jeremy but florescent is ‘hot’ but we have them in bathrooms & they’re fine & probably less expensive.

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