“You said you wanted to swing a hammer, right?”

I had my first house-related pity party today. Yep. Right there on the Martha Stewart closet organizer aisle in Home Depot. I explained to Jeremy that I feel like I have to “keep finding things to fix up around the house” while he gets to rip out cabinets, change out cool light fixtures and tear down drywall – you know, all the fun stuff. So on the way to my new house he ran into his apartment and came out to the car with a sledgehammer. With a cute grin he asked “You said you wanted to swing a hammer, right?” What can I say… he knows the way to my heart!

It wasn’t quite what I pictured… but it was pretty awesome. With a sledgehammer in one hand and a cold chisel in the other, I took up all the tile in the kitchen by myself.

In addition to the sledgehammer, I also got to play with my new favorite toy…

This thing is awesome! It’s the 9 gallon Rigid Wet/Dry Vac. It sucks up anything – even the long Phillips head screwdriver… I wish I could take it everywhere and suck up other things like bad drivers and rude co-workers. I think it could change my life!

Jeremy finished ripping out the drywall in the kitchen. We bagged it all up and took it out to the dumpster. Jeremy was impressed with my clean-up speed, but I worked really fast on the clean-up part just so I could use the new Vac again for the small stuff. It’s so fun!

One last thing… stupid Ikea. The sucked me in. I got so many great kitchen and bedroom ideas there on Saturday. I’m still not crazy about some of their stuff, but I found a must-have item:

It’s a wine rack that you can attach to the side of or underneath a cabinet and it holds four bottles. Hint hint housewarming attendees 🙂


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