Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? <insert dremel tool noise>

Here is a list of the things we discovered during today’s renovation time:
1. A HUGE hole in the wall behind the dishwasher
2. The use of construction adhesive to hang/concrete the bathroom mirror to the wall
3. Ugly paint color? That’s nothing, how about the wallpaper under the paint!?
4. The former owners didn’t tile under the fridge, but they laid a few tiles back there to keep it level (now they’re shattered)
5. MOLD. MOLD in the kitchen!!

As you may have guessed from the list, installing the kitchen cabinets anytime soon isn’t an option. The kitchen needs to be 100% gutted. All the drywall is coming down and the tile is coming up. Put this on the list of things I didn’t plan for. The mold could be worse, but it’s definitely there. Luckily, the only new appliance I need is a dishwasher.
Mold up the kitchen wall Kitchen mold on the other side

Jeremy was sawing away with the dremel tool in the kitchen today, so I found myself trying to relocate as far away from that horrific noise as possible. I grabbed my new roller brush, pan and bucket of ceiling paint and marched my way upstairs. I remember the last time I tried to use a paint roller it was quickly taken away from me and I was shooed out of the room. Not today!

Painting my first ceiling
I did the whole 16×12 spare bedroom ceiling all by myself!  It took a little bit for me to get in the groove, but I caught on pretty quick. And Jeremy seemed impressed with my work.

The house was move-in ready the day I bought it. But since my apartment lease isn’t up until July 31, I decided to put my Obama house credit to use and make the place exactly how I want it. As I said before I would like to be completely finished renovating by mid-September, and I would really like to have the major renovations (ie: new kitchen and a bathroom from scratch) finished this month. Ambitious? Possibly.

I should take this time to mention that I have a roommate moving in August 1. A functional kitchen is ideal. We (Jeremy) got the entire kitchen apart and taken out back today. Tomorrow I get to take a sledgehammer to all of it! Trust me, if the old cabinets were salvageable I wouldn’t have bought new ones. Tomorrow will be awesome!
Kitchen cabinets and counters outside Jeremy discovering the cemented mirror on the wall

My first purchase for my home - heck yeah it's hot pink! Richard's Vacuum on Mason Ave. in Daytona - my uncle's store Gotta replace the storm door


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