RTA: The first of many new acronyms

The most difficult part about this whole remodeling thing is deciding what… to do… exactly. I knew I wanted to rip out the whole kitchen, but where do I go from there? The most budget-savvy cabinetry option is RTA (ready to assemble, for all you non-renovators). I really wanted white cabinets, but you might be surprised to learn that white cabinets average $500-$1,000 more in total cost than oak. That is, unless you go to Home Depot and get their in-stock, pre-assembled cabinets. They have two beautiful colors to choose from: white and a pretty oak. I chose the white: 

So after carefully measuring the kitchen five or six times (let’s be honest, Jeremy had to step in), I bought the cabinets in boxes that are now aligning the walls of my living room. Home Depot had an awesome deal – 20% off in-stock cabinets, 0% interest for 12 months. Sold.

Next: Counter tops. Brace yourself because I’m going very original with this one. I wanted laminate that looked like granite, but I wasn’t overly thrilled about anything I found. This is where I should let you know that I despise Ikea. I can’t stand going there, I can’t stand their products, I always get lost. It’s just like Sam’s Club, only three times bigger and filled with college dorm-like junk. Well… they surprised me on this one.

No need to check your eyesight. They are actually wood, butcher block counter tops. You buy them in stock and stain them the color of your choosing. This is what they look like: Ikea counter tops

All the reviews are 5 out of 5. Sealing them properly is what keeps them sanitary. Look it up – they are highly recommended!

Two more things to consider: backsplash and wall color. I’ve decided to do a tin backsplash, but I’m having a hard time deciding between the copper and silver. Copper Backsplash Silver Backsplash

The prices are extremely comparable to a tile backsplash, only no grout necessary and so easy. They are available at HD in 18″x 24″ squares.

Finally: wall color. I’m leaning toward a pale/gray aqua dusty-looking color. The walls above and along the sides of the cabinets will be painted. This is the only picture I can find online incorporating all of my ideas, with the exception of the tin backsplash. Kitchen theme?

Use your imagination and stay tuned for more ideas and pictures.


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2 Responses to RTA: The first of many new acronyms

  1. jlvessels says:

    You are totally more of a copper person than a silver. I love love love your choices though!!! It’s going to look amazing and i cant wait to see it 🙂 PS- side note .. i noticed you are living vicariously through your blog to be Samantha Brown , i love the background!

  2. Therese Jordan says:

    It’s me again. This will really show my age but growing up in Brooklyn, we had an apartment with a good size eat in kitchen & ‘real’ silver tiles on the ceiling. Good ideas have a way of resurfacing. I like the copper too which would probably go well with butcher block color. Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Very proud of u & of course your ‘#1’ helper.

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