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My Best Muse Yet

Uncle Jeremy had the fantastic idea to give Holly a fingerpainting set for Easter. She’s still too young to thoroughly indulge in these messy activities, but we helped her have a good time. As she painted I grabbed Jeremy’s camera to … Continue reading

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The last 30 days, in a nutshell

April really flew by and spring is officially in full swing in Atlanta. Even though the pollen is an inch thick on my car, I haven’t had so much as a sniffle. High-five immune system! So with a little spring in my step, … Continue reading

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The April Fool’s Day prank that keeps pranking

On April Fool’s Day I was sitting at my desk wishing I was good at pranks. I never do anything good! I decided to play with Jeremy by changing my Facebook status to “engaged.” Within five seconds my phone rang … Continue reading

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My New Travel Blog

I just can’t wait any longer! For the past month, Jeremy and I have been working nearly every day building a travel blog to document our adventures. I still love my crisis, but I really wanted another blog I could … Continue reading

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I prayed for a surprise

I’m anticipating a major lifestyle change soon (go ahead mom, you can cringe) and to make it happen I need extra financial stability. In addition to my normal prayers, I decided to pray every single day for one month, as often as … Continue reading

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My First Photo Shoot

I am usually the person behind the camera, so I was really excited when Jeremy offered to take some pictures of yours truly this past weekend. I did my hair, slapped on a little extra makeup and was feelin’ pretty … Continue reading

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Ten ways I have changed since age 20

I turned 25 in September and for some reason when people ask how old I am I always reply, “I just turned 25.” Now, ‘just turned’ is a relative term, right? As with most of us, there is a part … Continue reading

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‘Minute To Win It’ has changed my daily life

My name is Jenni and I’m addicted to competition. There, I said it. Never ask me to be on your team if you don’t want to win. I’ve been known to make my teammates cry while playing board games. Jeremy … Continue reading

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Picture Perfect Sunday!

All photos taken with a Canon D300s. Continue reading

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How to Manage Emotions in a Heated Situation

Monday Motivation On a trip home to Florida a few months back, I was forced to come face-to-face with a very bad flaw I’ve maintained my entire life: I have no ability to wait… on anything. I left work that afternoon … Continue reading

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